Our Story

The beginning...

As a boy, I loved when my mom would make cookies for the holidays.  Hovering around the kitchen, sampling the dough, drawn to the wonderful smells.  And, once the cookies were baked, being able to grab a cookie was a luxury that made my days warmer.  

So, when I became an adult, naturally baking became a favorite activity.  And, unknowingly, over the years, we began developing a recipe and process for making some dynamite chocolate chip cookies.  Baking cookies sometimes five times a week as dessert for our family of six, we honed in on a recipe for classic chocolate chip cookies that were both soft yet crispy on the outside.  They were great warm with ice cream, cold out the fridge (I always hid a few in there), or straight out of our ever-stocked cookie jar.

Maybe these are special...

Bringing these morsels to parties, family gatherings, work treat days, and social functions, people were starting to go out of their way to compliment our cookies.  I mean, we thought they were good, but we were learning that others felt the same.  So, our cookies became a staple amongst friends and family.  As time went by, our kids got older, we began to think, "Maybe we have something here that other people can enjoy!"  

Cup O' Stuff Cookies...

One day, out of chocolate chips, wanting to make cookies, we improvised.  Halloween had come and gone, but the candy had not.  So, instead of the one cup chocolate chips that a dozen of our cookies calls for, our girls gathered a cup of M&Ms.  Substituting the cup of chocolate chips for a cup of M&Ms was a revelation!  We can substitute a cup of ANYTHING (maybe not anything lol) and create a delicious cookie.  Thus, Cup O' Stuff Cookies was born.

We began selling our cookies at the farmer's market in Frankfort, IL in April 2023.  Grab a bucket at the farmer's market in Frankfort or ORDER TODAY for curbside pickup or shipping!  

The Cup O'Stuff crew on a beautiful spring afternoon: